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4 Amazing Benefits of Owning a Manufactured Home

The idea that manufactured homes are flimsy or cheaply built is misleading and obsolete. The production is now highly regulated and maintained to ensure comfort and safety. If you’re curious about potential housing options, read up on the amazing benefits of owning a manufactured home.


As the population continues to grow, the housing shortage grows as well. However, manufactured homes are an essential part of the solution to the need.

One of the most appealing benefits of buying a manufactured home is saving money. Their average cost is significantly lower than a traditional home. On average, the price per square foot is around $50, rather than over $100 per square foot for a conventional home.

Structural Safety and Strength

Many people believe the materials for manufactured homes create inferior structures. However, they have to meet higher standards than site-built houses.

Not only do they have to meet Housing and Urban Development (HUD) code standards for living, but they must also have additional stability standards for transport. The primary transport standard is reinforcing vital components to guarantee travel movement doesn’t damage the frame.

Customization Choices

Whether it’s your first home or forever home, the options for customization are endless. You choose the exterior style, the kitchen of your dreams, bathrooms that make you smile, and even the colors and shades of every detail.

You even get to choose the floor plan layout that will work best for you and your household. It’ll cost you nearly double or triple the amount of a manufactured home to customize a traditional site-built home.

Placement Options

Aside from customizing the house itself, you also have more options when deciding where exactly the house will go. Manufactured home communities offer an easy way for you to lease or buy a spot with neighbors nearby if you’re interested in sharing amenities.

However, if you prefer more space and privacy, the most amazing benefit of owning a manufactured home is that you can always bring your home to some open land and enjoy the peace and fresh air. Additionally, you’re not limited to areas where builders are already developing, or to the style of home that’s currently trending.

Owning a manufactured home may be the right option for you if these benefits are appealing. At Evangeline Home Center, we don’t spare the interior details to save a couple of bucks. Instead, the entire structure receives the attention you deserve.

For the finest manufactured homes in Lafayette, LA, Evangeline Home Center is here to help. Feel free to contact us with any questions or get the process started for your new home!