Custom Manufactured Homes

Custom Manufactured HomesHave you ever been shopping for a mobile home and loved the kitchen in one, the bathroom in another, and the living room in a completely different one? Do you wish you could just put all of your favorite rooms into one floor plan? Well, at Evangeline Home Center, you can! We design custom manufactured homes in order to turn our clients’ dream homes into their real homes.

Our custom design option is Quick, Easy, and Affordable! For years, Southwest Louisiana has trusted Evangeline Home Center to design top quality custom manufactured homes.

Customization includes single wide homes, double wide homes, and even modular homes.  Come on in and tell us what you like, and we will show you how it’s done.

Let’s get started on the custom manufactured home that is perfect for you and your family! You can contact Evangeline Home Center by giving us a call at (888)-996-1773, or by clicking here.

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