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Doublewide Manufactured Homes in Louisiana

Evangeline Home Center is your premier destination for doublewide manufactured homes in Louisiana. While we're located in Carencro, we provide a wide variety of manufactured homes throughout the entire state of Louisiana, servicing mainly the central and southwest parts of the state.

What are doublewide manufactured homes?

Doublewide homes consist of two separate sections forming to make a singular floor plan. When compared to singlewide floor plans, doublewide modular homes will typically have more square footage, making them ideal for growing families that need a little extra space.

In the past, manufactured homes may have received a bad reputation due to poor property management and upkeep. However, at Evangeline Home Center, we are working to remove the stigma associated with manufactured homes because we feel that you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for affordability. That's why our homes have been revolutionized with modern appliances and finishes to provide you with a home that fits within your budget.

With Evangeline Home Center, there's no need to worry about unnecessary delays. You can eliminate a step in the process of securing your doublewide mobile home in Louisiana because we currently have doublewide homes readily available that don't need to be ordered. Additionally, our selection of doublewide homes is incredibly flexible in style and design, all thanks to our reliable partners.

Our team is truly dedicated to you and strives to establish a relationship with you to get to know you on a personal level so that we can best satisfy your needs and match you with a doublewide home that you feel comfortable in.

Evangeline Home Center has one of the largest selections of doublewide manufactured homes in Louisiana. Continue browsing through our website to view our model homes with remarkable floor plans. To get in touch with our team, contact us by submitting an online form or calling (337) 896-1773.

For pre-approval, fill out our quick online form.