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How Are Quality Manufactured Homes Made?

The image of manufactured homes as flimsy or low-quality is one that’s been outdated for a long time. Today’s manufactured homes are a far cry from their humble beginnings. The production of manufactured homes is highly regulated and carefully maintained so that those who live in them can live safe and comfortable lives. How are quality manufactured homes made? We’ll go over some of the most important qualities that make up a well-made manufactured home so that you can understand what you’re getting when you buy one.

HUD Code Standards

On the most basic level, manufactured homes have strict standards that they need to meet in order to be considered suitable for inhabiting. These standards are often known as the HUD code, and they govern the construction of manufactured homes to make sure no one can offer someone else a subpar living situation. The HUD code has been in place since 1976. Since then, builders of manufactured homes have made their standards for safety and quality construction much higher.

Appropriately Weather-Resistant

It’s no secret that intense weather patterns can affect manufactured homes more than they do a traditionally constructed home. Understanding how quality manufactured homes are made means knowing about the various wind zones in the country and understanding how they change the construction standards for homes. Living in a higher wind zone means that you are at a higher risk for dangerous weather patterns. Manufactured homes in higher wind zones require special construction and weatherproofing to ensure that they are still safe should the worst come to pass.

A Strong Core

From the very beginning of the construction process, a manufactured home needs careful consideration when it comes to building materials and design. High-quality manufactured homes aren’t nearly as flimsy as older mobile homes because of their strong core. Usually made of a very strong steel chassis, these manufactured home frames can handle some serious weight put on top of them. Intricate construction design takes place to ensure that the entire home sits on a rock-solid core that keeps it upright.

No Shortcuts for the Interior

Here at Evangeline Home Center, we don’t throw in the towel after the home is fully built. Having a manufactured home that is sturdy and well-built is important, but if the interior isn’t a place you want to spend your time, it won’t ever really feel like home. A quality manufactured home won’t skimp on the interior just to save a few extra bucks. The interior should be made just as carefully as the entire building itself.

For the best double-wide mobile homes for sale in Louisiana, Evangeline Home Center has what you’re looking for. When you work with us, we make it easy to find the next place that you’ll be proud to call home.