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Single-Wide vs. Double-Wide Homes: What’s the Difference?

When choosing a layout for your manufactured home, one of the first things to consider is the size and how much space you and your family will need. Although they come in many shapes and sizes, there are two classifications of manufactured homes: single-wide and double-wide. Understanding the difference between single-wides and double-wides is imperative for choosing the best option for you and your family.

What Is a Manufactured Home?

While most people use the terms “mobile home” and “manufactured home” interchangeably, there is a slight difference. Both phrases define a house that manufacturers build at a separate factory and then move to a piece of land. However, we use “manufactured homes” to describe builds after 1976, but we use “mobile homes” to describe them before 1976.

Single-Wide Home

A single-wide manufactured home is usually about 15 feet wide and 90 feet long, making it easier and cheaper to transport to its final site. However, the narrow layout and decreased square footage make them a good option for single people or couples without children. Additionally, they’re usually more affordable because of their smaller size.

Double-Wide Home

On the other hand, double-wide modular homes are about two times the size of a single-wide, making them a better choice for most people. Because of the increased size, the floor plan offers more possibilities to accommodate all families. With that in mind, double-wides require a more extensive land plot. They also need two trailers to transport the two separate pieces that you have to assemble when they arrive at the home site.

Knowing the difference between single-wides and double-wides is the first step to deciding which manufactured home is best for you. While single-wide homes are cheaper and easier to transport, a double-wide is the way to go for most families. They provide more space and a more personalized floor plan, and they look more like a traditional build when completed. Our team at Evangeline Home Center is here to walk with you on your journey to manufactured-home living.